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We saw the need to expand our services into rigging and hardware

Travis & Colin Mack of Mack Sails

About Mack Sails Rigging

Cruising sailboats were rapidly expanding

Cruising sailboats were a rapidly expanding market in the early 1970’s, due to production of fiberglass boats and the introduction of sail assist like roller furling and improved winches and hardware in general.

As sailmakers, we saw the need to expand our services into rigging and hardware – including installation.

We were practically the first sailmaker to offer this service,

and are still among the few – more than 50 years hence.

Our goal as with our custom sails is great service and competitive prices. With today’s fast pace, it’s nice to know that Mack Sails can tie it all together.

Mack Sails Rigging Video

Our Rigging Department

Our custom mast trailer enables us to transport spars up to 80 feet in length. We haul masts, booms, furlers-anything long, from area boat yards to our shop for whatever is required. Our rigging department continues to offer the best in new spars from, Z Spar, Sparcraft, Selden and Forespar. We stock a huge inventory of rigging wire, swage mechanical fittings, blocks, rope, roller gear, mast lights – everything to do the job NOW! We swage or mechanically assemble, splice, etc., all in our shop. We also have on hand a milling machine, cutting equipment and water jet & plasma, plus a welder for any custom aluminum or stainless assembly needed.

If you are outside of our immediate Florida area, don’t worry. Some of our offsite projects:

Quebec, Canada

“Honri.” New custom 52 aluminum cutter. From the deck up-new spars from Forespar, hardware package by Harken, furlers by Profurl, Mack Sails, NER running rigging. Complete on-site installation in Quebec. Canada.

Algonac, Michigan

“Merlin.” Catana 48 rehab including new rod rigging, re-furb mast with Awlgrip, Liesurefurl hydraulic furling boom and new Mack Sails. Completed on-site in Algonac, Michigan.

New Bern, NC

Irwin 38 re-rig with US Spar furling mast, new rigging and sails by Mack Sails. Completed on-site in New Bern, NC.

Michigan City, IN

Tashiba 31. New Schaefer furling boom and Mack Sails. Completed on-site in Michigan City, IN.

St. Petersburg, FL

Custom 52 Schooner. Liesurefurl boom and Mack Sails installed in St. Petersburg, FL.

Grand Cayman, BWI

Northwind 405, New US Spar mast, Profurl and Mack Sails, and new rigging. Grand Cayman, WI.

Mobile, AL

Sunbeam 34. Shaefer furling boom and re-rig. New Mack Sails, near Mobile, AL.

Tucson, AZ

Mapleleaf 45. Shorten Hood furling mast 30″ and seal the slot to fit a Harken Battcar system, new Mack Sails, new mast paint, custom “crows’ nest.” Re-cut furlers and rigging. Boat is underway–to be completed wherever She lands. Custom 34 new spars from Sparcraft Harken Furlers & Deck hardware package Anderson winches & electronics & nw sails Tucson, AZ
“Neferatari” Stevens 47 Leasure FFurl Boom and Mack Sails installed in Sagatuc, CT

Sagatuc, CT

“Neferatari” Stevens 47 Leasure FFurl Boom and Mack Sails installed in Sagatuc, CT