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Written Or e-mailed To Us:

I purchased a set of Mack Sails 2 years ago for my Allied Seawind. I meant to write you and thank you for the service and quality of sails. Should I again be ordering sails I will be contacting you folks and not even get quotes elsewhere. Also note that B..F.. purchased from you sails for his Allied Princess and is in the market for another boat and should he be in the market for sails I know he will be contacting you.

Monday, 10/2/2000
To: Mack Sails
From: Port Lions, Alaska 99550

Dear Colin,

Thank you for getting the three standup blocks to me so promptly. I just returned from Kodiak and had a boisterous sail with two days of 32 knot winds and my new staysail performed excellently. It made all the difference. I was able to make good time, keep my boat on her feet and not have to worry about the 40 knot gusts. And I didn't have to go out on deck and get soaked and possibly thrown overboard. I'll be using my staysail a lot more now that it isn't so dangerous to employ, which also means I am going to be less anxious about sour weather. I can't wait until I am able to have you build me a new main and genoa. I am curious about how adding foam to Genoa makes it more efficient. I reef the Genoa I have now and I can flatten it pretty good or let it blossom out like a miniature spinnaker, which I really like. Does the foam add something different?

On the other hand, there are many days in Alaska when you're lucky to have any wind at all and all you can do is motor. As one writer put it, the weather in Alaska is "maniac depressive." it is either blowing like hell or absolutely still. Perhaps the foam would be useful for the three to four knot wind days. When I order my future sails, I'll be asking you about this.

I saw your ad in the latest Cruising World. Let me know if I can provide to a satisfied customer testimonial. I hope you get a lot of business. It's nice having a "Mack Sails" around.

Yours truly.

Letter to PRACTICAL SAILOR Magazine:

Last spring I purchased a Freedom 45 with standard mast track and a Doyle Stack Pack. With a boom 6' off the deck, you can readily recognize the problems of a standard sail cover. Regrettably, the mast track was sticky on lowering the sail, and the Stack Pack would not capture the dropped sail without a lot of spillage over the sides.

I read your reports and decided on the Strong/Tides Marine system. It was installed and works flawlessly -- with 98% of the smoothness of Harken (from a previously boat I owned). I have no trouble reefing.

Secondly, I was faced with a Stack Pack that was heavily weathered and in need of repair. I reviewed my options and purchased a Mack Pack (that you highly recommended). We solved the lack of a topping lift by bolting on the aft end of the boom a 2' section of Harken heavy duty traveler track as a support for the outboard end of the Mack Pack. It works like a dream. Occasionally, a bit of tapping an errant fold in place with my boat hook might be needed. Time from dropping sail to final zip-up is less than five minutes by myself.

The good news is that the Harken track in my previous Morgan 44 cost almost $3,000, whereas the Strong Track was about $1200. And, the quote from Doyle on replacing the weathered Stack Pack was $2500, whereas the Mack pack was about $800. A savings of $3500!

That savings will buy a lot of issues of Practical Sailor. Even just one of your articles a year is worth the subscription.

(NOTE: This Mack Pack may have cost nearly $800 because it had added graphics and was professionally installed by Nance & Underwood in Ft. Lauderdale. The standard Mack Pack for a Freedom 45 would be $635 -- and most owners install themselves.)

Repaired Mack Pack

I want to thank you very much for repairing and increasing the length of my Mack pack. I was surprised and, of course, pleased that there was no charge for this service.

My experience with far too many companies is that Customer Service is little more than words. You are not one of these companies.

I very much appreciate Custom Service that is real action. I can assure you that I will be a positive spokesman to all about the quality company that you are.

Thanks again and regards,

North Carolina Sailor

Hi Travis:

We've had a wonderful summer of sailing on M...S..., and have received numerous compliments on the sails, Mack Packs, and improved performance of the boat. We've even done a bit of racing. After a classic boat race one competitor (a sailmaker in Seattle) said he was really impressed with our sails. I'm also writing to discuss an asymmetrical spinnaker.

Hope all is well with you,
(Lovely wooden yacht from
Port Townsend)

All Concerned: (Re; Mack Packs)I want to thank everyone who worked on my order, the quality is much better than I expected. I have got to tell you that my covers are perfect, not one wrinkle and the lettering is just what I wanted.

Holiday Happiness to all
(Central Florida)

Mack Sails,

Just a thank you note to go along with the photo, so say how well I like my Mack Sails and appreciate your good service.
I've just finished my 25th season of day chartering in the Virgin Islands national Park. It's the fourth year on the mizzen and the end of the first year on the main. The fit was perfect on both--- right out of the bag, the set was good and the power of the main excellent. The jib is a D... and due for replacement and I'll order one next season, from you.
Of all the sails I've owned and sailed extensively in the past 30 years, I'm most pleased with my Mack Sails.

(St Johns VI Charterer)


Just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with my recent purchase of main sail, Strong Track and Mack Pack. I was especially impressed with the high level of quality, workmanship and features in the main. It has a nice shape and sails great! The Mack Pack combined with the Strong Track make raising and lowering the main a snap.

I'd also like to thank you for your knowledgeable assistance and responsiveness during the entire purchasing process. Everything was shipped and received when promised. When I needed 2 new battens (due to my error), you shipped them immediately and I had them before the next weekend. I would not hesitate recommending Mack Sails.

My only problem now is that my genoa is looking awfully "baggy" next to the new main. The sail is probable 8 to 10 years old. Think there's anything you can do with it? Maybe when you get a chance you could send me an estimate for a new one (125 or 137 roller genoa - whatever sail weight you recommend).

New Jersey

Hi Guys,Just wanted to let you know I got everything last week, just in time to install it over the weekend.
Everything looks great. I installed the Mack Pack in about 2.5 hours, both sails in no time, and even the self-tending jib hardware went on with no problem---with the help of Travis' diagram.
Thanks again for all the hand-holding you guys did for me thru this process. You all helped a novice become a little less so with a good deal of patience and pleasantness. Next boat I'll be back.Thanks,

(Lake Michigan sailor)

Hi Travis

Just got the word that it is now 7 in a row for UFO. Yesterday won by about 15 minutes, and today, the big race, came in first again. Congratulations on the great sails.

Thanks again,
(Caribbean racers)

I vote for new sails.

I tried to find some used sails for a US Yacht 27 . . .I collected a list of used sail dealers and began contacting them. Even though I had my measurements for my boat the dealers were not very helpful and the inventory descriptions left a lot up to interpretation. So unless they are within driving range I would be skeptical.

I live outside Atlanta and went to the St. Petersburg boat show (Expo) in Florida. I met some used sail dealers I had talked to and my suspicions were confirmed. One I actually set up a meeting with and he didn't remember me at all. They all seemed pretty scatter brained. Like bad used car dealers.

So I walked around and started getting bids from other new sailmakers. I was surprised that the new sails were only twice as much in many instances as the used sails. I was looking for a smaller headsail (less than 110%) than what I currently had and a genoa 120-150%. Got a lot of good information from the new sailmakers and they seemed to have there (sic) act together more.

I ended up buying a new 135% genoa from Mack Sails. They spent a lot of time with me helping decide just what I was looking for. I was then able to go back and see what was in the used sail inventories based on my decision and there just wasn't anything that was reasonable and close.

I talked to a lot of new sail folks and although the Mack folks seemed a little young (Travis Blain is 33, Colin Mack is 29, and Brad Mack is the old man at 62) they were very professional when they dealt with me. Some of the other new sail folks seemed a little cocky at times. I had also dealt with the N... Sails loft in my area not was not impressed at all...

Mack has a web page, but I would recommend just calling them by phone (800) 428-1384.

(Georgia E-mail)

Dear Colin,......the new sails are great---between 12 coats of bottom paint removed, and your new sails, we are taking all kinds of silverware. The boat moves with incredible speed.

Connecticut racer-cruiser

Brad & Crew:Thanks for the good service. Sail looks great.

New York

Dear Mr. Mack:

You made a sail for my Boston Whaler Squall a couple of weeks ago. I was the one with a purple panel and was shaped like a Sunfish.
We have used it twice now and it works great. I am writing you to thank you for doing such a nice job. You were on time and the sail, the rigging job, and the sail bag were perfect. I always try to give the customer a little more than they expected it is obvious you work the same way.

Travis Blain:

At the end of March I got the main and I tried it a week later. It was just perfect. I fully recommend Mack Sails in my area.

Dear Colin:

I just wanted you to know the sail is great! It is all that I hoped for. I'm immensely pleased. I Have it up and the dimensions are perfect . . . I haven't sailed yet, but I can tell from the sail's shape and size it is going to give outstanding performance. The Profurl (you sent together with hardware) also operates as advertised.

Thank you,
Alaska Sailor

Dear Sir,
I recently received a Mack-Pack for my Island Packet 38.......It's a real wonder and probably the best single piece of equipment that I have added to this boat, or for that matter any of my previous boats. It has performed as advertised, and your instructions were excellent. The best part is the ease of stowing the main after a long day's sail. With the 38, this used to be a bear, even though I had Harken Lazyjacks, putting on sail ties and the cover were enough to wear me out for the rest of the day. Now it's just a flip of the halyard cleat, a quick tuck and a zip.

I will be showing all my Island Packet buddies my new mainsail handling system at the Island Packet Association rendezvous......I'm sure they will be most impressed.
Sincerely, (Texas)

Our old Tayana just sings! Last year our roller (genoa), this year our main...we walk away from everyone. We have great sails because of you, we tell everyone how great you are, you truly know your stuff and we appreciate you all a lot.
(North Carolina)

Dear Brad,The "Mack Sails" are wonderful. "P.........'s" windward performance impressively improved.

The mainsail is as I had hoped it would be, and the genoa completes our headsail inventory. J....and I are very pleased with these new sails; mainsail, genoa and staysail. We look forward to many hours of sailing ahead. Thank you for your support.
Sincerely, (World Cruisers)

Reprinted from
Bulletin, NO. 1996

....Our Hood in-mast furling mainsail jammed due to a combination of a broken lower swivel fitting and the captain's enthusiasm working the outhaul. He managed to pull about ten feet of rolled-up sail and luff rod out of the mast slot...The sail had to be cut away from the rod with a razor knife before the system could be repaired--we were the entertainment on the dock that day. Oh well, the sail was worn out anyway.

Our genoa was also worn out and tore during the passage north, so we bit the bullet and ordered new sails. Mack Sails made us excellent sails. The mainsail, staysail and miter cut genoa are heavy duty, triple stitched, nicely finished and set beautifully.........

Hey Travis:
Just wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know how much we enjoy your Mack Pack we installed on our Catalina 27 recently. It looks great and works great and really adds a lot to our enjoyment of sailing our boat. You can certainly be proud of your unique design. If you get any inquiries from people in the panhandle area, you are welcome to refer them to us for a recommendation and they can even come by and see what it looks like.

Thanks for supplying a great product and the support to back it up.
Sincerely, (Florida Panhandle) (E-mail)

Brad & Crew:
Thanks for the good service.
Sail looks great.
(New York)

Just a short note to let you know we tried out our new 110%, and are so pleased with it, that it is now our primary sail, and the 130% is now in semi-retirement.

Once again, thank you for your excellent service and quality work!
Montreal (E-mail)


Many thanks for the quick turn around on the mainsail repair and foot shortening for . . . . The four-inch reduction along the foot made a good fit. The MACK sail stowage and recovery system, (Mack Pack) . . . is installed and performs according to your advertising literature and my expectations. It is a good investment for safety and efficiency for a sailing couple.

My next improvement project is riding sail for use at anchor. . . . The July Sail magazine has an article which recommends a riding sail for this type hull . . . (Mack Sails made the riding sail for the author)

Many thanks for the quick response on the sail repair. . . .
Best Regards, (Virginia)

Dear Mr. Mack:
I received my new mainsail yesterday
for my Allied Seabreeze...and it looks great.

Wishing you all a prosperous new year,
thank you very much.
(Chesapeake Bay)